Finesse Homes
History & Philosophy
Finesse Homes began as a residential home builder over 12 years ago. which helped accumulate skill, know-how and experiences in building solutions.
Finesse Homes is proud to be able to offer customized services that are unique to every client. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every experience is unforgettable. From the service received the moment a client enters one of our show homes, to our design concepts and flawless construction, you will notice that we will settle for nothing less than perfection. Our personal pride, dedication to craftsmanship and commitment to exceptional service are uniquely our own. We will work diligently to ensure that each new home is a reflection of the clients dream home
Our objective is to provide our clients quality built homes at affordable prices. Our emphasis on clear communication and follow through with each and every client is our top priority.
Our project management Philosophy is:
  • • Communicate clearly with all clients and everyone involved in the project.
  • • Supervise closely to ensure quality work is done
  • • Complete and deliver the project on time